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Selleys Knead It Underwater 50GM

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Selleys Knead It Underwater 50GM
Item Code: #7782

- Knead It Steel Epoxy Putty is a fast-setting, industrial-strength polymer compound that enables permanent repairs to anything made of steel or other metals.
- The modelling-clay like material eliminates drips and runs, facilitates adhesion to the substrate and allows the material to be shaped and formed as needed before curing begins. Once cured, it can be drilled, screwed, sawn, sanded, or painted. Suitable for interior or exterior use.

Suitable for : 

  • Repair engine parts 
  • Fix radiators 
  • Tanks 
  • Car parts 
  • Metal 
  • Wood 
  • Glass 
  • Masonry 
  • Plastics

Features : 

  • Will Not Sag, Run Or Drip. -
  • Easy To Use
  • No Mess.
  • Can Be Drilled, Sawed, Sanded, Filed, Tapped, Machined Or Painted One Hour After Mixing.
  • Good Adhesive Strength. 
  • Can Be Used To Reshape, Rebuild And Repair A Multitude Of Surfaces And Applications. 
  • Good Gap Filling Properties. 
  • Long-Lasting, Durable Solution. 
  • Heat Resistant To 120°C Continuously Or 140°C Intermittently. 
  • Can Be Used Under Water (But Dry Surfaces For Application Are Best And Recommended). 
  • Rapid Set (Less Than 10 Minutes). 
  • Can Be Used For Fuel Resistant Repairs.

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