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Selleys Blockade Co-Polymer Sealant 360g

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Selleys Blockade Co-Polymer Sealant 360g
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Is a general purpose, neutral cure, co-polymer sealant that will adhere to most building materials, even when wet. Suitable for lap joints in guttering, roofing and weatherproofing. It can be over-painted with oil based and water based paints.

Ideal For
- Metal
- Masonry

Can be overpainted immediately with water based and oil based paints. For best results undercoat first with water based undercoat.


1. Surface should be clean, dry (where possible), free of dust, loose particles and soap residues. If required, clean with mineral turpentine. (For wet application. Refer directions below.)
2. Cut blind end off nipple on cartridge and pierce membrane inside base of nipple. Fit nozzle, trim at 45° angle to desired opening and place in a continuous steady flow, pushing sealant ahead of nozzle.
3. For a neat finish, tool sealant surface immediately with a spatula dipped in turpentine.
4. Skins immediately with maximum toughness achieved slowly over several days.
5. Clean up before sealant cures with mineral turpentine or white spirits.

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