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Kleenso Air-Cond Coil Cleaner 500ML

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Kleenso Air-Cond Coil Cleaner 500ML
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Kleenso Air-Cond Coil Cleaner is a specially formulated chemistry to clean the aluminum coil of split air-conditioner units. It is also safe on other parts such as metal and plastic parts. The chemistry is a biodegradable product and our formula came from Germany.

Directions of Use: 
1. Open Kleenso Cement Stain Remover 
2. Pour on the surface 
3. Wait for 15 minutes 
4. Flush with water. 
5. In case of deposit persistence,repeats the steps.

While the product is water based and safe to users. Basic safety should be taken into consideration.
1. Wear Goggles , Mask & Glove for protection.
2. Avoid eye contact. If there is a contact with your eyes, rinse with water.
3. Use proper tools such as ladder, manual pump & spray for better water pressure where required.
4. If required, have an assistant to assist you in handing over tools to you during the cleaning work.

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